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Integrative Sound Therapy 


"To re-connect people to a safe place of nurture within, a space of deep listening and relaxation, healing and vision."


Original Breath Didjeridu


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Intgrative SoundTherapy

" I practice my passion genuinely from the heart and feel honoured to be able to be of service to you


Mago menla  offers a variety of private sessions for 1- 4 people and regular public events.

Offers a diversity of sessions as to suit the needs and wishes of as many people as possible.

Provides service at the clinics in the bookings section and provides a mobile service In the Noosa area.

"I love to welcome you into the Sacred Healing Space and provide a safe space for you to self-heal" 


Integrative Sound Therapy - 2 hrs    One on One  BOOK NOW

Relax, Release, Rejuvenate. 

Sound, breath, meditation and basic body work and energy healing are combined to deeply relax and guide us in a process of contemplative self-exploration, intuition and connection.

This session is best followed by some time of solitude or at least in a stress free environment. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes.  


Integrative Sound Therapy;  Couples Gratitude Embrace -  2 hrs   BOOK NOW

A beautiful soul journey of seeing our life’s partner anew or in a different light. Showing a possibility or confirming a deep inner knowing, supported by sound, breath, mediation and contemplative imagery. In gratitude we embrace and release to create space, to more fully embrace the other, within a loving heart space of gratitude.  Try to plan a little time for reflection or an enjoyable activity afterwards. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes



Integrative Sound Therapy;  Friends  3 or 4 people - 2 hrs     BOOK  NOW

Connect with yourself and your friends in a place that is not the usual mind of planning and chatter.

Supported by sound, breath, mediation and contemplative imagery, we connect to a deep inner space of self-healing and vision, holding self and other in a loving embrace.

Deeply relax and release, find vision and purpose and rejoice in experiencing more clearly the profound connections we all have. Try to plan a little time for reflection or an enjoyable activity afterwards. Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes



Public events


Regular public events for groups of 8 - 10 people and larger events will be available regularly.

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Original Breath Didjeridu


Private tuition, group classes and workshops.  For more info 

Meet Marco

When two of my Indigenous mentors gently suggested to embrace Sound Healing work again as did my female Tibetan teacher, some deep personal breakthroughs occurred.

After envisioning a more integrated approach, I now bring my longstanding experience and understanding gathered from Sound Healing, meditation, my Indigenous mentors and Massage and Energy Healing into this particular Sound Therapy modality.


In the mid 90’s, some fairly dramatic events shook me out of a dark and dangerous lifestyle. Through some astonishing synchronicities, shortly after, I found myself a promoter/ road manager for some internationally renowned Australian didgeridoo virtuoso and dancers. I spent extended periods of time on Indigenous Australian lands connecting deeper to people and country. I studied Kemoma massage, energy healing and sacred outlook under John van Kempen (traditional Javan Healer) for 2 years and practiced the Lakota Path through genuine traditional Inipi and other healing ceremonies for some years. I have been receiving teachings and instructions from some outstanding Tibetan Meditation Masters since 2001.

Without the guidance and blessings of my teachers and mentors and the traditions they represent I could not possibly be, as a human, where I am today or do the work I do. The name mago menla honours that as

mago is a Central Arnhem Land word for didgeridoo and menla is the Tibetan word for medicine;

so mago menla is 'didgeridoo medicine"


I look forward to welcome you into the Sacred Healing space that we create together”  


“We are what we think, with our thoughts we create our world”

                                                                                                                                                           -The Buddha

“I am very exited to offer this modality to the wider community. It’s my passion to re-connect people to a safe place of nurture within, a space of deep listening and relaxation, healing and vision.


I started with Sound Healing 15 years ago, encouraged by some of my Indigenous mentors.

Over the years, collaborations with yoga and meditation teachers, Rebirthing and Bowen Therapy, Breath Work, Music Therapy and others, significantly enhanced my work.  

Some years ago, feeling a longing to deepen my personal inner practices, I stepped away from Sound Healing to produce performances for the education system, with a message of social and environmental sustainability. I found great joy in getting a positive life-affirming message to our children and youth.

About Marco



Sound Healer;  Certified Kemoma massage/energy healing;  Didje-Breath for Health Educator;   musician;  performer/producer ACARA; 

Marco is a multi-instrumentalist and extraordinary didgeridoo player, 

committed to inner work and meaningful work in his community.


Original Breath Didjeridu

Reduce stress and anxiety / feel more energized and in your body / gain a deeply connecting meditation practice...AND learn to play awesome didgeridoo !!!

Original Breath Didjeridu goes beyond just focusing on the musical aspect of playing didgeridoo. Many didgeridoo players have gone deep into their breathing when progressing on their instrument and experience the benefits for physical, emotional and mental health.

I've also met many players who have been playing for years and are "musically" pretty good but still don't benefit from the powerful potential of using didgeridoo breathwork  deeply in a way that grounds us and connects us to earth.

Traditional players from Arnhem Land always breath deeply into their belly like the yogis in the Himalayas and like them they are present, grounded and connected.

Mostly when didgeridoo is taught it starts with playing techniques using lips, tongue and cheek and does not pay much attention on how to actually breath. As people progress in their playing they naturally go into their diaphragm a bit more when breathing, but many never really get to play from the underbelly. In this modality we start teaching the proper way to breath first and then start playing from the underbelly up, it is first a healthy breathing practice that everyone can learn and if you choose so it will be a great start to become an awesome didgeridoo player too, yay!

Also people that don't wish to learn to play the didgeridoo can participate in the workshops where Earthbreath (didje-pranayama) is practiced as a way for people to experience to a degree the calm and spacious mind a didgeridoo player feels after rhythmbreathing for a while. When actually playing the didgeridoo there is the added benefit of the vibration on the lips and the sound waves penetrating ones body when playing. There is nothing new or special in all this and quite a few players around the world have taken to work more consciously with the benefits of breathing in relation to the didgeridoo.

However I am extremely pleased to offer this now here on the Sunshine Coast and throughout S.E. Qld.

Mago menla's Didje Breath for Health offers private tuition, group classes and workshops.

We also offer half day corporate events that link Didje Breath for Health to team building and efficiency.

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mago menla 


104 Nandroya rd          

Cooroy; Qld; 4563 


mob: +61 432 362 219

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