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Hello beautiful people! We are super excited to offer this unique opportunity to connect with the culture and wisdom of Central Arnhem Land. Its extremely rare to receive what Miliwanga (biography below) offers, from a Rembarrnga law woman with her credentials. Both fluent in the language and culture of the western world as well as the traditional ways of her people. She is also endowed with a powerful vision of a New Way Dreaming. We are pleased to have created a program which holds a great variety of offerings, including our main event the Family Camp 16-18 June.


Pranafest, 1-4 JUNE


Includes a variety of workshops and a smoke offering with Miliwanga, René Bahloo & Marco Debie. Still some tickets available. For a 10% discount, use code: MAGOPRANA.


Ngalandaku – The Univeral Balance, 9 June


A gathering for all. We will journey deeply into the spirituality and lore of Central Arnhem Land through story, teaching and Q & A, sharing around the fire, didjeridu performance and a water blessing (or smoking) ceremony for all participants. For all of the didje students, there is the opportunity to have your didjeridu blessed in song by Miliwanga.


Place: Brisbane

Time: 3pm – 7pm

Costs: $89.- pp /  Couple/bring a friend $149.-  /  12 - 16 Years $20.-  /  Kids under 12 free

A yummy afternoon tea and chai is included for everyone, around 4pm.

Info & Bookings: Marco Debie 0432 362 219 / email: 



Weaving is Healing 10 June


A unique opportunity to experience the ancient art of weaving with Miliwanga, together with René Bahloo of Weavery. We will learn and share, and celebrate our humanness and fibre together, as we weave ourselves together in loving connection.

Learn to create a basket with traditional Arnhem Land pandanus fibre, while being immersed in deep connection to lore, land and to life itself.


Place: Ilkley, Sunshine Coast

Time: 10.30am to 4pm

Exchange: $185.- (all materials included)

Info & bookings: Rene Bahloo 0438 162 552 (Call or text – no voicemail please)






Sitting in circle with Miliwanga, 13 JUNE


Public talk and Q & A. Discover Central Arnhem Land Culture, Spirituality and more and connect with the warm and captivating presence that Miliwanga brings to every space she enters. Such a rare opportunity to connect with a Law Woman who has grown up, steeped in Central Arnhem Land Culture, walks both worlds and has travelled the world and Australia extensively as an ambassador for her people. Join us for this evening and a shared meal together afterwards.


Place: Noosa Heads, Noosa

Time: 5pm -7 pm

What to bring: $20 (Towards Miliwanga’s costs and donation offering)

A Plate of Conscious Prepared Food

Info and bookings: contact Sheelin 0401722662/email:








Co-facilitators; Rene Bahloo, Mu’raay Djerippi (Peter Mulcahy) Mago Menla (Marco Debie),

Jandamarra Cadd & Steve Morrison.

An amazing weekend of profound connection with self, each other and the living world around us.

A truly Heart Opening and Mind-Blowing experience, in the stunning natural environment, of the Hillier Retreat in Cooran. You will walk away with a deeper understanding and also a richer experience of Central Arnhem Land Culture and Connection to Country.

Just being in Miliwanga's presence in itself is already, a beautiful experience that will touch you deep within. Her also being a genuine holder of their Ancient Wisdom who walks both worlds with easy, makes this an opportunity not to be missed.



*Opening Ceremony

*Smoking Ceremony

*Ngalandaku teachinga and Q&A by Miliwanga,

*Women’s Business workshops; weaving and medicine making

*Men’s Business workshops

*Men's Traditional Fire making workshop.

*Didjeridu Performance

*Optional Morning Meditation-Breathwork-Sound healing sessions

*Sharing circles around the fire

*Closing Ceremony with Water Blessing Ceremony.


Yummy Vegan Indian Lunches, morning and afternoon tea, teas and water are included.

Breakfast and dinner is self-catered (Camp Kitchen with gas stove and BBQ available, byo crockery, cuttlery etc)

Accommodation: Bring your own tent, Van, Campervan, Swag


Everything kid’s friendly and inclusive.

It is also possible to come and attend the main workshops only on Saturday 11am-4p and Sunday from 11.30am – 1.30pm


Place;Hillier Retreat, Cooran, Qld

When:4 pm 16 June – 6pm 18 June

Price: $95.- to $590.-


Ticket Options:


Full Weekend Experience:

Adult: $300.-

Children under 5 free

Children 5-12 years $50.- / 12-16 years $75.-

Family Package; 2 Adults and 2 Children under 17 $590.-


Saturday main workshop only:  $175.-

11am-4pm; Lunch and afternoon tea inc. no camping


Sunday main workshop only: $95.-

11.30 am-2.30 pm; Lunch afterwards included.


Info and Bookings, contact: Marco 0432 362 219 or Rene 0438 162 552

Call or txt, no voicemail please / email:




Women Gather for Healing with Miliwanga 20+21 June


Day 1: Weaving Story – starts with smoking/ cleanse for each woman.

Day 2: Ngalandaku/ Universal Balance: Central Arnhem Land spirituality, lore and culture. Talk and Q & A with closing water ceremony.


Place: Cooroy & Lake Weyba

Times: 9.30-11.30 (both days)

Costs: $222 for both days or $125 for 1 day

Info & bookings: Lea Sanson 0402433548/ email:

June 6,7,13 & 15 - Private sessions 

On these dates there is a very limited opportunity for property blessings / smoking on the Sunshine Coast and1 on 1 Healing sessions

Contact Marco on 0432362219 or



Short Biography

Miliwanga Wurrben is a unique human, filled with joy and compassion, who walks between the Indigenous and Western worlds with an ease and grace that is rarely seen. An elder and law woman of the Mirratja clan of the Rembarrnga people from Central Arnhem Land, she is a traditional knowledge holder, healer, artist, weaver, educator and cultural ambassador who has represented her Indigenous people on the world stage, connecting Aboriginal people around the country with their cultural roots. 

She will be facilitating some beautiful opportunities to connect, in a profound way, with Indigenous Australian Rembarrnga culture in a deeply authentic manner.  


Raised in Central Arnhem Land in her people’s traditional ways, Miliwanga initially knew no other education system. Later she studied English and became a school teacher, affording her the skills to share culture and build bridges in a cross-cultural way.

She speaks five traditional languages and is a living treasure trove of cultural knowledge that is slowly disappearing, together with the law people that hold that knowledge.

Moreover, she has a strong positive vision for healing and moving forward towards universal harmony and balance, within ourselves, between all people and with the living world around us.


Check out Miliwanga here:

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