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Hey Brother !!! 

Join us for 5 truly amazing days of BROTHERHOOD & CONNECTION 🧘‍♂️🔥🌿

This 3rd edition is set to take the whole retreat to the next level with 
Special Guest: LARRY GURRUWIWI & Headline artist: GANGA GIRI complete our team of excellent, experienced facilitators

Payment plans available. For more info and bookings contact Marco on                             

We will take you on a deep journey of discovery and connection, with self, each other and the Living World around us. In the stunning natural environment and powerful land of the Hillier Retreat, we explore what being a man in this world means to us, as individuals, as brothers and in the wider community.

We take on Men’s Work from Diverse Cultural Perspectives as we bridge Traditional and Contemporary ways and modalities, in a non-hype grounded way that honours both the Yin and the Yang within.
Wherever you are on your journey, you will be welcomed, accepted and embraced exactly as you are. From this non-competitive environment free of judgment, you will walk away a different man.

Are you ready to look at your life through a new lens again and embrace some fresh perspectives and profound insights ?
Then join us and sign up for this annual, epic deep dive of men’s work, healing and reconciliation. 
We have some of the best Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitators working alongside each other with one vision, offering this men's gathering in a unique way.

The Didjeridu workshops are for beginners to very advanced and a pvc practice didje is included in the price for beginners.

What to expect ???:

-Welcome to country with Udjee Tais & Undumbi Dance Mob
-Traditional and Contemporary Ritual/Ceremony 
-Fire / Sharing Circles
-Cultural / Lore Workshops (Indigenous Australian and African )
-Traditional Style (Yidaki) and Contemporary Didjeridu Workshops 
-Qi-Gong / Sunrise Meditations & Traditional Fire Puja
-Mindful Breathwork / Performance Breath / Traditional Pranayama
-Sound Healing, Yolngu way and Contemporary way
-Reflection / Shadow Work
-Reconciliation workshop.-
Performances / Open mic / Camp fire Jams
-Bush Camping with Luxury-Retreat Style Catering
…..and much more !!! 

Do you feel the call ? Contact Marco (mago menla) to book a call or send me a message, to see if this excellent Men’s Retreat is the right one for you. Pricing below.

C u on the inside,
Marco from mago menla

As per 15 January, Only 6 of 50 tickets left !!!


I'm proud that once again we have been able to offer this private event, for incredible value for money. This is only possible through the generosity, flexibility and passion of everyone involved.

Tickets $997.-
Includes: Full Program / Full resort quality catering buffet - dietary options / Camping Fees
Just bring yourself with an open mind and your favourite camping gear, that's it !!!


Our Facilitators

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