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Integrative Sound Therapy is a multidisciplinary approach to sound therapy and part of emerging contemporary holistic healing modalities.

Breathing practices, meditation and sound are the foundation of this particular modality, supported by gentle massage and energy healing. A powerful practice that works with both our physical body and inner dimensions of our being towards a greater sense of wholeness.


In the sessions we first establish a safe place of nurture and grounded awareness, within the heart space of the present moment. We then further harmonize the physical, emotional and psychological dimensions of our being.

Guided by ancient chant and instruments we go into a place of deep listening and relaxation and we receive healing, vision and purpose from within. Among the other healing sounds, potent didgeridoo play infuses and carries this particular modality and stimulates the movement and harmonization of energies on the cellular and subtle body level.


The initial session will mostly be one of deep embrace and re-connection with more subtle and intuitive aspects of ourselves. Follow up sessions can be more specific to your intentions. The practitioner guides and facilitates for you to entirely relax, self-heal and self-discover.


Integrative Sound Therapy is a profound healing experience and a support on our journey for purpose. It can also be an excellent support to other holistic treatments and be beneficial when battling a variety of medical problems. It’s not a replacement for conventional diagnosis and treatment.


Documented Benefits

  • Profound relaxation; stress and anxiety relief 

  • Release of physical and emotional tension

  • Unblocking of stagnant  energies

  • Experience of peace, joy, bliss and oneness 

  • Deep insight and visions

  • Trauma body release

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Pain alleviation

  • Improve movement and balance

  • Improve creativity                                                                       


Integrative Sound Therapy



Sound is one of the oldest healing methods known to mankind, it impacts on many dimensions of our being and is part of the esoteric teachings of many ancient traditions.

The integration of other proven practices makes Integrative Sound Therapy a potent holistic healing modality in these times of stress and uncertainty. 

It provides profound relief, re-connection and vision, a peaceful break that allows turning deeply inward as a support for stability and increasing direction and purpose in our lives.

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